Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: A Man of Value


A Man of Value is book 2 of Anna Markland’s Montbryce Legacy and revolves around the hero of Book 1, Ram Montbryce’s illegitimate son, Caedmon Woolgar (I love these names, so different). Caedmon is a Saxon knight living in exile in Scotland and is injured in battle, where he is brought to a convent to be treated.

At the convent, he is nursed by Agneta Kirkthwaite, a novice and one thing leads to another and they fall for each other. Unfortunately, Caedmon was part of a raid that killed Agneta’s family. This puts a strain on things and continues as they try to be successful together.

As a follow up to the first book, this was a good second book. I connected with the characters who had faults, like all of us. It can be read as a stand alone book but book 1 gives some of the back story.

I have already bought book 3 of the series and I get further drawn into the world of medieval romances. 

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