Sunday, January 1, 2012

Library Adventures: New Years


I love my public library. I can not stress how much I rely on it.  I take full advantage of the interlibrary loan from the Old Colony Library Network, which my library is a member of. I can request books in my pajamas using their website. I love it.

This week I am reading:

I have been reading this today and I am about half way through.

My great grandfather was in a Massachusetts state hospital in the mud 1950s and I was fascinated by this movie and the history involving my grandfather. I am looking forward to this.

Besides having one of my favorite covers in a while, I am about half way through this tale set in England and Wales in the 1970s.

I loved Dai Sijie’s other book, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress and I am hoping to this this as well.

I can’t resist a good World War II true story.

I also can’t resist folklore and this is of the Russian kind.

I will have a lot of happy reading this week!


  1. Nice choices for your reading this week. Just wanted to say thanks for the Secret Santa gift via The Broke And The Bookish swap. Happy Reading!

  2. Wow, Jen. You've got some great choices going here. You piqued my interest with The Iron King! I'm a proud ready of YA, girl. : ) Hail to the printed word!