Friday, January 6, 2012

Confessions of a Kindle Addict


I bought a Kindle 4 a few months ago.


I have a slight addiction.

So far, most of the books I have read on it are medieval romances.Some of the covers of the covers of the book make me blush if I read them on the MBTA, Boston’s subway.

They generally have half naked men with women whose dress is on the way off. An example:

The book was much better then the cover would suggest. It would definitely make me a little self conscious on the train.

Thankfully, no one can see the covers on the Kindle and I can read romances until my heart content. So far I have read 49 medieval romances and a few other romances since I got the Kindle.

Currently, I reading:

I should be finished with it tonight or tomorrow.

I love the Amy Butler skin that I got from Skin-It. Very cool.


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  1. Hi Jen, I'm a new follower. I got a Kindle for Christmas and am loving it! I'm currently reading the Chrystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore on it. I note you like Medieval romances - I just picked up The Mists of Avalon today at my Goodwill - have you read it? No matter how convenient my Kindle is, I'll never give up on 'book' books :)